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Tick Tock : Keep Going

Hello Everyone!  Disclaimer: In this blogpost, I'm not intending to be any philosopher. Just sharing my own experience about life and time. Life for me had been really unpredictable and no matter how much I love planning it ahead it never goes accordingly.  During my graduation, I was determined to do MBA. I used to sit for long 9 hours at my coaching centre preparing for CAT. Waking up early morning, nail biting assignments and holding pen to solve mathematics, surely didn't make me happy. I used to think once I get in a good B-School, I'll be happy. One fine day, I realised I was following rat race and I was amidst no where. Two years passed and one realisation hit me hard. I understood waking up early or completing assignments or holding pen isn't what I disliked. Because, I wake up happily for early morning shoots. I look ahead for my fashion assignments. Penning down my thoughts through my blog gives me what was missing in the past.  Everyone

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